Summing up the results of 2020 year, which was indicator of competent skills of management in crisis situation for every manager of the organization and his team, organization of uninterrupted execution of business processes and contractual obligations, “International Business Center” JSC expresses gratitude to the management and teams of all Lessees as well as our business partners for fruitful cooperation, within which were especially shown:

– humanity, empathy, patience, understanding, kindness to both own employees and employees of counterparties, which, united, took feasible measures to resist challenges and threats of failure in implementation of contractual relations and obligations reached by the organizations;

– the ability to find a way out of unforeseen situations, as well as the commitment to the goals set, the new formats of communication and understanding of the framework to be respected;

– prioritization, prompt development of alternative scenarios for the organization of uninterrupted activity, as well as the choice of anti-crisis situational and flexible measures for the short term;

– efficiency of interaction between the Lessee’s employees and the Lessor;

– the balance between the implementation of short-term and long-term strategies of the organization, as well as the most valuable asset, which has no cash equivalent – human health.


Let me take this opportunity to express my gratitude that we have been able to come together even more strongly during 2020, on our way to achieving our goals, and to congratulate the management and Lessees teams on the coming New Year.

May 2021 be marked by good health, immunity, prosperity and simple human happiness.




Chairman of the Board of “International Business Center” JSC

Ms. Abbasova Shafoat Akbarovna

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