In the territory of Navoi region the world’s largest gold deposit by volume of gold extraction – Muruntau gold mine – is located.

However, another object of Navoi region – Sarmishsay canyon – has much richer and more inestimable cultural and historic heritage for current generation.

The canyon of 2.5 km long represents the historical archive in the open air, gallery with collection of more than 10.000 various rock carvings.

The earliest Sarmishsay petroglyphs date back to 9000 BC.

Exact digitized copies of the authors’ original petroglyphs are displayed on the wall pictures and molding of “Navoi” Conference Hall.

By the message put in the Sarmishsay “Time capsule” our ancestors – the authors of petroglyphs of the Stone, Bronze and other ages, illustrate to civilized people of XXI century the fact that prior to generation of the first money, gold-mining industry and occurrence of financial and economic relations the human could live in harmony with world and nature. 

This particular ideologic line was put by the team of the International Business Center during the restoration of “Navoi” Conference Hall.

And who knows, whether the rock carvings in future prove to be more valuable than all gold and currency reserves and financial agreements, and archive of petroglyphs from the stone gallery in the open air, – more reliable than modern storages realized in fragile microchips, optical disks and Internet-resources?…

 IBC TEAM – 2019